10 Tips to Prevent Wrinkles

Anti Wrinkle CreamA miracle cure that would eliminate the wrinkles of a magic wand, it would be fantastic. But it does not exist. Yes, unfortunately, we all face at one time or another in those pesky wrinkles that remind us that we are not eternal. There are some tricks to slow down and reduce the formation of wrinkles.


1. Moisturize

A moisturizer is absolutely essential. And people with a dry skin should more than others rebalance their skin with a moisturizer.


2. Protect your skin from the sun

Dermatologists will never repeat it enough: in summer use a sunscreen to protect you from UV rays. Do not forget to coat every 2 hours.


3. Eye cream against the “crow’s feet”

As the skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, it is a mobile area; it wrinkles faster than the rest of the face. In this area, use a cream specifically designed for this purpose.


4. Drink lots of water

In addition to a moisturizer, drink plenty of water will help you to maintain the moisture content of your water. We tend to underestimate its importance.


5. Do not overcook the “head”

When you head, your brows are furrowed, which – in addition to the fact that make you less attractive – also the effect of the two lines that appear between the eyebrows. It is also an area of ​​sensitive skin and mobile. Many people tend to frown frequently, which stimulates the appearance of wrinkles. Try to relax your face a maximum.


6. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and omega 3 fatty acids

A fashion healthy eating leaves traces on the mental and physical state. For healthy skin, it is important to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, along with omega 3 fatty acids. As found for example in walnuts, flaxseed oil and fish


7. Sleep on your back

A good night sleep is the first step to a healthy body and mind. During the night, the skin is soothed and can digest the stress of the outside. An additional tip: sleep on your back, your face will not be on the pillow and you will not have lines on the face in the morning.


8. Do not touch too much skin

Touching the skin too much, you promote the spread of bacteria and buttons. Try not to touch too much to avoid damaging the skin cells. Because more skin is damaged, you will have more wrinkles.


9. Use a good anti-wrinkle cream

Use a wrinkle cream for your skin. Otherwise, cream exceeds its goal. A good wrinkle cream moisturizes the skin and contains antioxidants.


10. Try to avoid stress

Stress is harmful to the skin and prevents it to be repaired. If you want to have beautiful skin, try to avoid maximum stress.