Aesthetic Medicine to Fight against Wrinkles


Anti Wrinkle cream: Injections to Fight against Wrinkles

You can either inject botulinum toxin (Botox) to freeze the muscles and prevent their contract, thereby stopping among other things that are visible frown lines (between the eyebrows) or injecting the hyaluronic acid in the hollow of wrinkles to fill them and thus to eliminate the groove in favor of a smooth area, but it does not make miracles!


It can also reduce the bridle at the outer corner of the eye with Botox tensor effect: it will raise the tail of the eyebrow and do so by lifting effect by putting a little skin up. Therefore, it works on wrinkles if they are long enough only. Hyaluronic acid in turn can be used to fill wrinkles, but the eye area is so thin in places and furniture that cannot make a lot. However, we can then fill the trench in the ring, or half full, to plump the hollow. Finally, you can also cheat by injecting hyaluronic acid along the eyebrow which rises slightly across the upper eyelid.


Other treatments


The peeling acting deep exfoliation of the skin with the aim of stimulating by making new cells to it can be used on the underside of the eye and carboxyl therapy which consists of blowing carbon dioxide to encourage the skin in response to oxygenate and thus reboost cells without activities.


Light trichloroacetic acid Peeling helps to thicken the skin of dark circles under the eyes and make it less brittle and more toned. Carboxyl therapy complements to lessen the dark brown color to blue or some other of the ring.


To stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows


It was found that eye drops containing prostaglandin originally designed to treat glaucoma had an effect on the growth of eyelashes. This medical use, which has also a side effect of the iris color, is used in the U.S. to grow eyelashes.


In contrast, cosmetic products currently available, act in the same way on the eyebrows and sparse eyelashes and gives the appearance of the resupply and re pigment. This gives a real facelift to look.