All about Eye Care

Anti Wrinkle Cream: Eye CareWhy use a specific treatment for the eye area?


Thin and fragile, extremely stressed, the skin around the eye has some features that justify the use of suitable products. They will help you maintain the radiance of your eyes, or to erase the dark circles and bags that make you a black eye!


Around the eyes, delicate attention

On the one hand, the skin around the eyes is thinner (about 1/3 compared to the rest of the face), poor in sebaceous glands and almost no protective hydro-lipid film.

The dermis is also fine with elastin and collagen fibers that form a less dense network.


Why do I have dark circles and puffy eyes and does a cream around the eyes can eliminate these phenomena?


Dark circles under the eyes and swelling can be caused by lack of sleep or imbalances in your lifestyle. The microcirculation of the eye area is very low, so that the removal of metabolic waste is easily disturbed.

The lack of sleep and alcohol can cause such disruption, resulting in swelling.


To get rid of substances that cannot be assimilated, your arteries dilate. The skin around the eye is very thin (0.5 mm instead of the usual 2 mm), so that arteries become visible as purple shadows.


Applying a fresh cream on the contour of the eye, you can visibly reduce dark circles and puffiness.


When should I start using a cream for the eye area?


The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and delicate, fine lines and wrinkles usually appear first in this area. Care products are formulated specifically to meet the specific needs of the eye, thanks to the absence of certain ingredients (perfume, light chemical filters, etc…).

At age 25, it is recommended to use special care against dark circles and swelling. It will also act as anti-aging preventive care. And from the first appearance of wrinkles, use a special cream anti-wrinkle eye.