Anti wrinkle cream

The skin of woman reflects her beauty and age become her first enemy, after forty years ,wrinkles begin to widen and the skin loses its elasticity.

Origin of wrinkles:

The wrinkles resulted by a decrease in collagen production, which forms a fibrous layer of the skin, and which maintains the tone of the skin.
Reduce wrinkles with anti-wrinkle cream:
Anti-wrinkle creams uses assets that promote cell renewal and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But each asset to its own function and is not suitable for all skin types.

Antioxidants: molecules that fight against aging, They help fight against free radicals,improve the contour of the skin and repair damage caused by pollution. Creams based antioxidants are recommended for thin skin and low density.

AHA:: acid molecules present in citrus fruits and grapes that promote cell regeneration;

Vitamin A: This powerful asset is replaced in the anti-wrinkle creams with retinol, a derivative less irritating. It stimulates cell renewal, smoothing wrinkles and shallow increases the thickness of the skin. Their use is recommended from 35 years for early wrinkled skin or from 20 years in prevention.

collagen: molecule naturally present in the skin that keeps the tone of the skin.