Anti Wrinkles Care

The eye contour care has always existed, but they are becoming more sophisticated and some associate with a scientific formula a form or tool to be more innovative. Up to new ways of treating the eye area!


Anti Wrinkle Cream: PatchesPatches

They act as a mask, but a targeted manner. These patches, impregnated fabrics or concentrated gel, arise under the eyes, dark circles, until the skin absorbs their assets. Fees for the application, they have an immediate vasoconstrictor effect and therefore tighten the eye contour, but they also activate the microcirculation, draining and smooth out while intensely moisturizing.


The balls

These pens contain anti wrinkle or anti puffiness and dark circles formulas, but also have a new generation rolling tip with some more balls to drain below the eye movements that relieve the pressure smoothing fabrics. The best are the metal balls which cost effect is optimal to help boost trade and tone the area. Apply by smoothing the inside to the outside of the eye.



This care act there through high-tech formula that tightens the skin instantly thanks to its texture. Usually gel film after drying effect, there are also textures that create a mesh on the surface of the skin and visibly smooth and considerably while the back. Facelift stunning effect!


The Fillers

These treatments are based on injections of hyaluronic acid, a substance that aesthetic doctors inject under the skin to fill wrinkles and furrows thus to eliminate the furrows without sting, those where the fill from the outside: the product placed in the palm of your ride with a fine tip, freezes and fills clearing visually.