Anti Wrinkles Tips

Here are the main procedures to follow in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles apart from using an anti wrinkle cream:


Anti Wrinkle Cream– Be aware of facial expressions: you must be careful to not repeat it several times per day and try to avoid as far as possible, such as the frown action.

– Get enough sleep and sleep on your back: you will avoid “hurting” your face on the pillow.

– Wear sunglasses: it will reduce squinting, responsible for crow’s feet.

– Have good hygiene habits: use warm water and mild cleanser to wash your face. These are good habits to take because even if they do not prevent the appearance of wrinkles, they allow the skin to maintain a good appearance.

– Use a moisturizing day cream: it should always contain sunscreen protection factor which is at least 15. From 30 years (before or after, depending on your skin type), you can associate a cream containing a sufficient percentage of glycolic acid (a-hydroxyl acid, AHA) acid.

– Watch your diet: fill up the B complex vitamins (beef, chicken, eggs, whole wheat) and vitamins A, C and E (green salads, carrots and fresh fruit).

– Taking hormones after menopause, taking hormones, in the absence of cons-indications, will slow the thinning of the skin associated with the loss of estrogen.

– Avoid alcohol intake: drinking gives a puffy face in the morning. The skin will resume a normal appearance in a few hours, but this will stretch the skin in the long wrinkling.

– Do not attempt to strengthen the muscle tone of the face: excessive facial exercises worsen the appearance of wrinkles.

– Stop smoking: Smoking increases the formation of wrinkles around the lips and reduces oxygenation of the skin.

– Avoid expensive moisturizers, such as collagen: moisturizers, whatever their price, are only temporarily inflating the cells of the epidermis, which reduces wrinkles, but they do not prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

– Avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation: even if you apply a sunscreen, skin always ends up absorbing ultraviolet rays and their harmful effects accumulate over the years. Skin exposed to this type of radiation, whether from the sun or tanning salons, aging prematurely.