Beauty Tips for Delicate and Sensitive Skin

Anti Wrinkle Cream: Consumption of Vegetables To Reduce WrinklesIt is not always easy to choose a cosmetic product for sensitive and fragile skin. These can respond to any treatment done. Applying a moisturizer or wrinkle cream, as an illustration, might stimulate excess sebum and the occurrence of acne pimples. Treated with cosmetic products too strippers such as scrubs, for example, these types of skin can be easily irritated, In other words; the use of a cosmetic treatment for sensitive skin risk of further damage, so opt for other solutions.


Regularly drink green tea

The solution to this problem of susceptibility to cosmetic products is to eat foods that provide the same benefits as the beauty care. Green tea is known for its purifying property. Instead of making a scrub to remove skin blemishes, you can enjoy a cup of this drink regularly. This medicinal plant provides other benefits to your body, including promoting weight loss and reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. Green tea is also an excellent weapon against cancer.


Often take a dish of cucumbers

Applying a moisturizer can be replaced by a regular dish of vegetables and fresh fruit consumption, especially good cucumber slices. This vegetable is known for its ability to maintain the level of hydration of the epidermis. The nutrients provided by these foods contribute, moreover, to protect your skin against different external aggressions.


Multiply your vitamin C intake

Vitamin C, meanwhile, is known for its antioxidant property. This nutrient is an excellent alternative to the application of anti-wrinkle cream. You can easily find in the fruits of yellow and orange. To prevent the formation of wrinkles while maintaining hydration and softness of your skin, do not hesitate to regularly drink a glass of chilled orange juice.


Instead of investing in cosmetics that may constitute a real threat to your sensitive skin, now change your eating habits by eating only products rich in vitamins and nutrients. These will help you to always have a beautiful and radiant skin.