Best Anti-Wrinkle Solutions

Anti Wrinkle CreamThe opinion of the naturopath

“In the base, animal or vegetable protein is associated with the sprouts or grass juice, rich in enzymes, to boost the effectiveness of proteins and facilitate their assimilation; immediate effect on the skin. We add vitamin B, to reduce the stress of the season, Vitamin E (a tablespoon of wheat germ oil per day is a beautiful gesture essential for skin). Small imperfections or poor healing; a course of zinc can do the trick. If a wrinkle concealer or you crumple, help the liver to regain its tone (a course of gentian), the skin will be softer, dark circles will fade. ”


The trick

Massage the temples and around the eyes at the end of the day smooth lines and raise the microcirculation.


The opinion of the beautician 

“It starts with a thorough cleansing of the skin! Apply a good cream when the grain is coarse is not used much. The active ingredients cannot sneak … Afford a treatment in the beauty center has real strengths especially because the beautician combines technical manual and use of devices that boost the assets. As the thermal cleaning heating, scrub, mask or custom concocted according to the needs of the skin. We leave with a real beauty prescription to comply at home! ”


The trick

Afford good care and do not hesitate between sessions to give beauty time at home combining care, manual practices and pros equipment.


The opinion of Dermatology 

“The best prevention against the stinging, wrinkles, dullness and tone, it is a good hydration. Rather light creams are chosen for the face and nourishing the body to replenish lipids. ”


The trick

Do not hesitate to put a moisturizer thickly as a mask and remove the excess with cotton before massaging the face morning and evening.