Choose a cream that fits your skin

Choose a product regardless of its needs could even be harmful to the skin and weaken further.Most products on the market are designed for three types of most common skin: combination skin, oily skin and dry skin.

The basic structure does not vary from one person to another, but what is different is the amount of sebum secreted and areas of the face and body where sebaceous glands are most active.

Anti wrinkle creams for dry skin :

Skin is dry when the surface layer is very sensitive to substances and attacks from outside. Therefore, this type of skin can easily refine, peel and irritate.

Due to its characteristics, the dry skin creams must be rich in moisturizing ingredients (eg sweet almond oil, argan oil …)

with solar filters and antiradical for limiting the assaults solar and slowing aging.However, it should not contain exfoliating substances that are irritating.

Anti wrinkle creams for oily skin :

Oily skin favors the development of acne. Characterized and oily tendency by hypertrophy, oily skin shows wrinkles more pronounced. As a result, the care must be made with a special cream containing exfoliating substances to limit the loss of skin elasticity well as its appearance, for example, fruit acids, AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), glycolic acid.

Anti wrinkle creams for combination skin :

Combination skin is characterized by dryness on a part (characterized by its Fragile surface layer)(characterized by a high amount of sebum) on another.
The majority of combination skin presents the characteristics of dry skin: indeed, it is classified as dry skin and should receive the same care. Creams for combination skin should consist of radical scavengers such as vitamin E, vitamin C, carotene, selenium.