Choose an Anti Wrinkle Cream Depending On Skin Type

Anti Wrinkle CreamAll skin types are affected by free radicals and skin aging is accelerated in the presence of:


– Sun and drought

– Cold and wind

– Stimulants like alcohol and tobacco

– Pollution

– Hormonal treatments through menopause.

And all this leads to wrinkles on the insistence of some people more than others. Yet every skin type must receive the care that best suits them so that wrinkles fade practically.


Anti wrinkle for dry skin

Dry skin is more vulnerable to oxidative and therefore deserves special wrinkle care. In this regard, the dry skin is so thin that they are more prone to premature formation of wrinkles including expression wrinkles. To remedy this at the earliest, it is necessary to use a wrinkle at the age of 25 years, the period when the skin begins to lose its elasticity. Anti Wrinkles enriched with moisturizing ingredients they will then be indicated. In addition, it is preferable that the anti wrinkle cream has a free-radical action to reduce cell oxidation. Wrinkle rich in vitamin E and C are suitable for both substances stimulate the natural production of collagen which tightens tissues. Wrinkle care and AHA are not recommended for dry skin.


Anti wrinkle cream for oily and combination skin

Oily skin has the advantage of not having wrinkles much later compared to dry skin. Massive secretion of sebum is the cause for this natural material thickens the skin of wrinkles and furrows are growing slower. But to balance sebum production, it is advisable to opt for a wrinkle-based on fruit acid which firstly exfoliates and softens at the same time. In addition, a matte anti-wrinkle and antioxidant would be ideal for oily skin. As for combination skin, they are more difficult to treat because they are fat on the forehead, nose and cheeks are dry but the rest of the areas of the face, and hence the need for a special anti-wrinkle cream for mixed skin which will consist of nutritious soft assets.


The anti wrinkle cream according to age

The choice of anti wrinkle will rely on the criterion of age. Each age group actually needs special care. In this case, a wrinkle for mature skin certainly does not suit those who barely have thirty years. However, start applying a wrinkle cream at the age of 25 years is the best precaution to prevent wrinkles dig deep with time.


Anti Wrinkle care for each age

Wrinkle care from 25 years will be used as a preventive measure. We can in this case be used until the age of 35 years. From quarantine, we choose an anti wrinkle cream that will be responsible for maintaining the oval face and keep it firmer. Those between 50 and 55 years are advised to take an anti-wrinkle cream whose function is to provide elasticity to the skin. For mature skin, extremely rich in moisturizing creams, antioxidants and collagen precursors will be set.