Essential Oils to Prevent Wrinkles

The appearance of wrinkles on the face and other body parts is an inevitable phenomenon in humans. It is possible to delay their appearance by making the right care techniques.


Essential Oils to Prevent WrinklesMany treatments are offered by specialists to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles, to name only the application of a moisturizer or an anti-wrinkle cream at least twice a day. Keeping the skin well hydrated makes it possible to limit the appearance of these nasty marks. This is why it is advised to drink plenty of water especially during the warmer seasons. Prolonged under the rays of sunlight will also be avoided to have young and healthy skin. In other words, never leave the house without sunglasses and hat to prevent wrinkles.


Another means to effectively fight against the appearance of these signs of aging is to periodically apply the essential oil on different parts of the body. Obviously, this is not any essential oil, but only those with some therapeutic benefits for the skin. The essential oils of sandalwood, geranium and lavender are known for their moisturizing properties.


Since essential oils are particularly high, it is important to dilute some amount of vegetable oil before using the risk of skin irritation. To prepare your moisturizer, dilute 5 drops of each essential oil mentioned above, namely essential oils of sandalwood, geranium and lavender, with a tablespoon of sweet almond oil. Mix the mixture very well; two to three drops of this mixture enough to moisturize the skin deeply. For an excellent impregnation product, gently massage your face when applying. To enjoy the longevity of your wrinkle solution, consider keeping it in a sealed flask previously washed and dried.