Facial Exercises for a Refined Face

Anti Wrinkle Cream: Facial Exercises for a Refined Face The facial exercises

Facial exercises used to tone the face and the firm. Here are some exercises to be chubby and to avoid double chin.


For a more delicate face

The face is one of the areas of the body that grow easily. In fact, once you gain a little weight, our cheeks are often swell first or worse, we gain a double chin. Admittedly, this is far from being aesthetically pleasing, but we must choose what to do to lose those extra fat. You can choose between a natural solution or resort to cosmetic surgery. However, plans exist to refine your stroke even if the effect is only seen gradually.

To burn fat from the face, it is also burning the other parts of the body. To do this, you must put yourself in the gym and perform benefits of exercise. For your diet, avoid sugar as much as possible and promote foods high in fiber, fruits and vegetables. It is also very important to drink plenty of water as dehydration can cause swelling of the cheeks. Prefer that the milk provides fewer calories to alcohol. Your salt intake should be limited, compensate it moderately by spices. Eat foods rich in calcium such as dairy. Failing to go to a spa for a facial massage session, you can do it yourself using the right products.


Exercises for a toned face

For facial exercises stand in front of a mirror; the best exercise for muscle cheeks is to smile, that you show your teeth or not. Now try to touch your nose with your upper lip while stretching your cheeks to eyes. Make a smile from ear to ear with closed lips for 10 seconds then release. Then smile naturally always closing the lips and make the fish with your mouth for 8 seconds and relax. Finally, inflate your cheeks one at a time for 10 seconds. Each movement is repeated 5 times.

To no longer have double chin, apply these simple exercises. Open your mouth wide, holding up the lower lip inward, over the lower teeth and make movements up and down with your jaw. Repeat this movement as many times as possible. Tap eventually your chin with the back of the hand. Chewing gum can also be useful to refine the chin. And finally, take a right position then raise your head up, cover the upper lip with the lower lip as possible for 8 seconds. Repeat and repeat 5 times. These exercises are effective and are recommended more than cosmetic surgery.