Makeup Tricks for Eye Contour

Anti Wrinkle Cream: Eye Contour MakeupMatte and dark to dig

A shadow or makeup for matte effect, that is to say, not shiny, gives with an optical effect a sense of flat, hollow. Thus, by filing a taupe shade, gray, brown or black mat on the eyelid, it will seem less swollen, for example.

Against wrinkles, just drop shadow evenly over the eyelid to unify and blur the visibility of the bridle wrinkle for example, that appears smoother.

The pencil to draw

A wrinkled eye, the shape of the eye is gradually deformed by movement of the skin, eyelids falling and digs furrows, worsened by dark circles or bags that create or remove volumes and transform the look. It is this change of form which sometimes gives you an aged air, more than wrinkles. To remedy this, use a waterproof pencil liner to make up the eyelid: they have an exceptional slipped possible to draw a continuous line but soft and so correct the eyelid effect falling. And they resist moisture due to the folds!


To blur the clear iridescent

The bright colors highlight the volumes and iridescent creates relief. That is why for example the blush light touches are generally iridescent pastel shades and settle on the top of the cheekbones and under the brow bone. This is the principle used by illuminator pens, to counteract the tear trough with a material that reflects light.


On this principle also, we can make a clear button via a white shadow or highlighter makeup, or where the skin is growing, especially in the outer corner of the eyes, crow’s feet, rather matte to avoid stress the furrows but rather the blur and smooth. Also widens the inner corner of the eye it to rebalance its shape.