Egg and Cornmeal Mask

Time passes and wrinkles appear their appearance is caused by a collapse of the dermis which is caused by the

Anti Wrinkle Mask Made From Flowers

Over time, the elastin and collagen proteins disappear causing a collapse of the dermis which itself causes tiny skin breaks

All about Eye Care

Why use a specific treatment for the eye area?   Thin and fragile, extremely stressed, the skin around the eye

What to Do In Case Of the Eye Area Alteration?

Lifestyle – Eat a healthy and balanced diet – Do not smoke – Have a regular rhythm of life (follow

Facial Exercises for a Refined Face

The facial exercises Facial exercises used to tone the face and the firm. Here are some exercises to be chubby

Best Anti-Wrinkle Solutions

The opinion of the naturopath “In the base, animal or vegetable protein is associated with the sprouts or grass juice,

Aesthetic Medicine to Fight against Wrinkles

Injections You can either inject botulinum toxin (Botox) to freeze the muscles and prevent their contract, thereby stopping among other

Makeup Tricks for Eye Contour

Matte and dark to dig A shadow or makeup for matte effect, that is to say, not shiny, gives with

Anti Wrinkles Care

The eye contour care has always existed, but they are becoming more sophisticated and some associate with a scientific formula

Fight against the Aging Signs after 40 Years

Cell renewal slows down to become almost nonexistent. The skin loses its elasticity and firmness, so, wrinkles deepen (especially around