Skin and Wrinkles

Anti Wrinkle Cream: Aging WrinklesAging Wrinkles


Combat the effect of time on the body has become now a permanent concern. We accept less aging, which benefits of various clinics medicines and cosmetic surgeries that do not skimp on research budgets to propose new solutions to their hungry young patients.

There are many factors that affect the skin. The most devastating and most aging wrinkles are inevitable. The cells constituting the skin die over time and some natural resources such as hyaluronic acid and collagen are increasingly rare over the years that follow substances. All these phenomena are as wrinkles begin to form and the skin loses its elasticity to relax completely.


Food and wrinkles


External factors also have an important role in skin aging. Nutrition has the power to slow the inevitable effects of time if it consists mainly of fruits and vegetables. Similarly smoking will also have the same effect as food as cigarettes consist of various harmful substances.


Wrinkles caused by sun


The sun rays that diffuse large accelerators are also factors of skin aging. Although at birth it is sometimes recommended to expose babies to the sun and during the holidays we tend to go to places where we could have the sun as a companion, but eventually the effects of it on the skin is to damage both the surface and depth.


Surgical solutions against wrinkles


Also address these factors are the main destroyers of the skin, medicine and cosmetic surgery are doing their best to give patients the various solutions to give them the outer youth they want. Currently there is much talk of photo rejuvenation that seems to be the most popular technique.

There are also injections products such as Botox, hyaluronic acid and collagen that have the ability to revitalize the skin while removing wrinkles and fine lines of the face. Other techniques such as the use of laser and Dermabrasion are not recommended as against the disadvantages after interventions are unpleasant, entailing inactivity patient for several days.

Just as living beings, we are also exposed to the aging process which we could avoid so far. Also it would be better safe than sorry by attention to external factors over which we may have.