Strawberry and Olive Oil Mask for Wrinkles

The aging of the skin is rules that no one can escape … Fortunately some small natural tips are ideal to help the body retain its youthfulness carefully!


Anti Wrinkle Cream: Strawberry and Olive Oil Mask against WrinklesWrinkles are tiny skin breaks caused by subsidence of the dermis. This phenomenon is caused by the gradual disappearance of proteins called collagen and elastin. Free radicals are substances that oxidize proteins that attack healthy cells causing irreversible damage: free radicals gradually deteriorating cells and accelerate the aging process! Obviously, skin aging is genetically programmed, it is inevitable. The primary source of free radicals is internal and natural: it is the activity of our cells that produced them. Faced with this huge wave of external free radicals, our body struggles to find sufficient antioxidants to neutralize them: our body undergoes deterioration of cells by free radicals, which inevitably causes skin aging!


Homemade mask recipe against wrinkles

– 5 or 6 strawberries

– 2 tablespoons olive of oil


Mash or blend 5-6 strawberries thoroughly washed. Then add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and mix until a smooth paste. Apply to cleansed face, avoiding the eye area and leave on for 10 minutes, then wipe.


Benefits of strawberry and olive oil mask

Easy to make, these masks are real treasures for the skin. The proposed recipe of strawberries and olive oil is ideal to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and possibly dispel wrinkles and lines already present.


Strawberry severely limits aging because of the antioxidants it has. It gives the skin an almost instant Healthy Glow effect and makes the complexion bright and radiant!


Olive oil is a natural anti-wrinkle care extremely powerful. The essential fatty acids hydrate and makes the skin soft and younger … Its regenerative properties help repair skin tissue and reduce fine lines and wrinkles already present. Olive oil has emollient properties; soothing, anti-desiccant and anti-oxidant that are ideal for protecting the skin against various attacks, including the sun’s rays are an external factor causing premature aging!


This homemade mask is ideal for all skin types! This recipe will help the body retain its youthfulness. This natural anti-wrinkle mask also prevents the appearance of other wrinkles.