The Anti Wrinkle Active Ingredients and Their Actions

Anti Wrinkle Cream Ingredients


Do you have trouble choosing your anti-wrinkle cream? All known active ingredients to be effective in eliminating signs of aging are presented with their respective actions. Your beauty product must include one of the components listed below to be operating.



Retinol is a potent derivative of vitamin A known to give the skin a second youth. Many dermatological tests have shown that this active ingredient applied regularly to the skin, helps reduce the signs of aging as well as brown spots. This ability of retinol to fill wrinkles is due to its unique action of promoting the production of collagen.


Hydroxyl acids

Hydroxyl acids are other components widely used in the world of cosmetics to reduce wrinkles. These acids are naturally visible in some herbs and most fruits. Hydroxyl acids that occur most frequently in the design of anti-wrinkle creams are the AHA or Alpha Hydroxyl acids and BHA or Beta Hydroxyl acids.


These acids have many roles in the world of cosmetics, including those to promote the renewal of skin cells, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin as well as soften and moisturize the skin in depth.


Copper peptides

Copper peptides are also involved in the manufacture of many anti wrinkle creams to upscale their multiple benefits. According to experiments, these active ingredients have the ability to repair damage to the skin, whether it is an injury, wound and even marked wrinkles.


Actions of copper peptides are numerous. These stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, ie soften the skin, accelerate skin renewal and protect the skin from external and internal aggressors playing the role as an antioxidant.


The kinetin

Term unknown to the general public, the kinetin is a powerful natural antioxidant visible in the herb known as “Kinetin.” Its virtues for the skin were discovered centuries ago by ancient civilizations. Today, the kinetin is used in the world of cosmetic to design anti wrinkle creams.


The kinetin has the capacity to eliminate wrinkles smoothing the skin, soften, to strengthen and moisturize the skin as well as fade age spots. The application of products containing kinetin is an excellent precaution against wrinkles.


The tea extract

The tea extract used in the design of anti-wrinkle products and it is mainly prescribed to prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles and protect the skin of its many external aggressors such as UVA and UVB rays, cigarette smoke or pollution. This active ingredient also has the option to preserve the structure of the skin.