The truth about wrinkle creams

Wrinkle creams have a great success among all women. After all, who does not want to look young as long as possible? Nevertheless, the question of the effectiveness of wrinkle creams arises and so much more that the selection is great.

In reality, the fight against wrinkles passes above all by hydration flawless, right from the younger age. At this level, most products on the market have their promises. But this type of cream should also strengthen and tone the skin dermis. Indeed, the age, but also the sun, menopause, tobacco or pollution tend contained few elastic fibers in the deeper layers of the skin.

Effects :

To fight against the effects of time, each manufacturer uses one or more active ingredients whose effects are not always as dramatic as claimed by the advertising discourse. Vitamin A acid is, for the moment, the only substance whose effectiveness against wrinkles has been scientifically proven. But this active ingredient can not be used by dermatologists, manufacturers have used a derivative in their OTC: retinol, vitamin A pure beneficial influence has never been tested in the laboratory. Others rely on extracts from plants or algae, or on antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, considered able to fight against free radicals that “soften” the skin.

But in any case, if these elements have proved themselves as active ingredients ingested, there is no evidence yet that they have a real effect under the epidermis. Many are also creams containing acids derived from certain fruits or sugar cane. When present in low dose (2-5%), as is the case in products sold in commerce, they have a real moisturizing power, but no real anti-aging effect. Moreover, in return, they dry out your skin and increase the risk of burns in the sun. Finally, attention to “hormone creams,” especially based on DHEA. The introduction of hormones in creams is strictly prohibited, manufacturers will actually incorporate substances of plant origin which they claim they just easily produce similar effects.

Read the label :

In all cases, it is more importante to read labels: the name and address of the manufacturer, the net volume and batch number should be included. Must also control the composition of the product, even if the quantities are rarely indicated. The coordinates of customer service are important because they allow to obtain advice and turn in case of problems. Finally, verify the presence of a manual that not only describe the other products in the range, but specify the conditions of use and any cons-indications.

Professional results :

In the end, only the dermatologist can prescribe creams wrinkle active ingredients in larger quantities than in trade and therefore generally more effective. Indeed, high-dose fruit acids, for example, give a true power exfoliant cream. Other products contain vitamin A acid in effectiveness. However it is not suitable for all skin types and can cause mild redness.

Finally, deep wrinkles, professionals use creams trichloroacetic acid. Their results are convincing, but they can cause unwanted effects. Weakened for several weeks, the skin color changes and should not be exposed to sunlight for a month. Finally, if you want a more rapid and dramatic, it is necessary to use drastic measures. Collagen injections sanding through the laser, professionals propose several techniques.