What Anti-Aging Care for 20 Years, 40 Years Or 60 Years?

Anti-aging Skin Care to Reduce WrinklesThe facial skin is extremely fragile


At any age, skin care helps to fight against the effects of aging: wrinkles, spots, loss of firmness, skin thins, dullness…

Depending on your age, your wrinkles and the condition of your skin, how to choose your anti-aging?

In practice, the main rules are to be adjusted to each individual case (tendency to wrinkle, the expression lines to sagging skin, age spots, dullness, dry skin, etc…) to select the best products suitable for every moment of his life.


What care at 20 years?


At 20, a moisturizer is sufficient because the skin is rich in collagen, ensuring a good firmness, and it regenerates quickly. Apply in the morning and choose according to your skin type (dry, sensitive skin, mixed …). Unnecessary to use a night cream, but the approach of the thirties, an eye care can be used, making the first wrinkles appear in this area.


What care at 30 years?


After thirty, cell metabolism begins to be less efficient: cell renewal and collagen production slows down. The first expression lines appear and the first signs of dehydration occur. For some, moisturizing day cream will still be sufficient. But for those whose skin is a little more pronounced an anti wrinkle cream “first wrinkles” is justified, morning and evening, or as a treatment twice a year (spring and autumn), or continuously.


What care at 40 years?


Accentuate wrinkles also affect the lower face (nose, corners of the mouth, neck). Expression wrinkles begin to widen. Sagging skin settles around 45 years; the skin becomes thinner and less elastic. Anti wrinkle cream is needed in the morning or the evening as an anti-aging night cream. You can start the serum twice as concentrated, as selected in the same range as your anti-aging cream as a treatment (spring and autumn or after a period of fatigue) or continuous depending on the condition of the skin.


What care at age of 50?


With menopause, skin texture changes, it thins and produces less sebum. The skin becomes dry, while the cell renewal slows down. This is also the time when the pigment spots appear. You have to go to anti-aging special “mature skin”, whose texture is richer and suitable for this type of skin. If you have many spots, you can choose a more focused “anti-spots” care. Of course, the serum is an asset, such as the eye contour.


From 60 years…


The skin continues to improve, it becomes dry and brittle. The face tends to sag and vertical lines appear, especially on the cheeks and lips. The anti-aging treatment should be continued day and night to slow the aging process.