What to Do In Case Of the Eye Area Alteration?

Anti-Wrinle Cream: Eye Area CareLifestyle

– Eat a healthy and balanced diet

– Do not smoke

– Have a regular rhythm of life (follow rest time)

– Avoid poor quality makeup and cosmetics can cause irritation and inappropriate swollen eyelids

– Remove makeup before sleeping

– Beware of air, sun or strong light

– Do not stay too long at the computer


Limit exposure to UV

– Use daily care products containing filters. Apply a sunscreen with a high protection factor before exposure.

– Wear sunglasses quality. Protect your children’s eyes from an early age.


The skin around the eyes is the thinnest of all our body as it absorbs quickly and easily body fat content in our face creams, and can cause the formation of pockets.

In addition, this area may experience problems with rings, pockets of fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, which require local application of a specific product, fairly fine texture.

Eye care have been specially developed to meet the specific requirements of this area of ​​the face (thin skin, problems microcirculation, continuous blinking).


Use specific eye contour care


The cleansing products allow for perfect hygiene and effective cleaning fluid, they eliminate secretions and crusts on the lash.


– Gels are primarily intended to act on dark circles and puffiness that is a problem of poor circulation (circles) and lymphatic (pockets) at this level.

–  Gels and creams are moisturizers may contain anti-wrinkle active.

– Masks allow hydration and deep action


These 3 actions (concealer, anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness) may be in the same product.

The products cover tinted color rings, they can sometimes be contractors, but two products are always better than “2 in 1”.

All cosmetic and dermatological brands do. They are suitable for both women and men. That said, care brands for men specialize increasingly in products for the eye and anti-aging, as well adapted as the others but simply more masculine (finer texture, more convenient tube, different color …)


At what age should apply a treatment around the eyes?

The fine lines around the eyes are the first to appear, care “eye” are to apply from 25 years (even a little earlier if the skin is very thin)