Yoga Face against Wrinkles

Yoga Face Massage Anti Wrinkle With age, the skin gradually released, besides a few wrinkles that settle. We can delay this process and restore tone to the skin, as long as the handle. Yoga facial here is very useful because it can mobilize many muscles.


Yoga facial is a facial exercise that helps to fight against the effects of aging. By working many muscles, facial yoga tones, restores firmness and thus helps fight against sagging skin.


Against aging: exercise to strengthen the outline of the mouth


– Two fingers in the mouth, coated on each side against the inside of the mouth gently spread outwards trying to keep the mouth shut.

– Hold a few seconds by increasing the resistance gradually.

– Repeat this exercise ten times.

– Before and after applying a lip balm.


Exercise to sculpt the neck and fight against double chins


– Head turned to the side slightly raised: open your mouth and try to close it by resisting with your jaw.

– Gradually increase the tension on the neck muscles for a few seconds.

– Repeat this exercise ten times.


Anti-Aging: special eye exercise


– Close your eyes put the tip of your index finger in the center of the eyelid and your thumbs under the eyes open and close the eyes. No trick should form since the skin is maintained by the fingers. Caution, do not frown.

– Repeat ten times.


It is better to practice these exercises every few days, devoting ten minutes each time, in the evening after cleansing in the morning or before applying your day care.


Relaxation phase of the face


– You can complete each yoga session by auto massage of the face.

– Ideally, use Argan oil or wheat germ.

– Start with the forehead, place the tip of your fingers on your forehead and make small slow, steady motion. Then spread your fingers to temples and ears, as if to stretch your forehead. Then come back to the temple to perform again a few massages at your fingertips.


Do not hesitate to repeat this auto massage face several times.